KestrelSpec Imaging Spectroscopy Software

KestrelSpec for Windows is designed for data acquisition and analysis using a CCD camera, a spectrograph and a computer running Microsoft Windows®. The software has versatile image acquisition, graphing and data analysis options to provide complete integrated control for supported CCD and CMOS cameras and spectrographs.

Supported camera manufacturers include:

  • Apogee Imaging Systems
  • Santa Barbara Instrument Group
  • Andor Technology

Supported spectrograph manufacturers include:

  • Catalina Scientific (echelle-type)
  • Optomechanics Research (echelle-type)
  • Spectral Products (formerly CVI Laser)
  • Bruker Optics (formerly Chromex)
  • Acton Research
  • any fixed-grating or scanning spectrograph

View KestrelSpec for Windows Specifications (Adobe PDF Format)

KestrelSpec comes in two versions:

The Lite version has basic camera and spectrograph controls, spectral calibration and spectral acquisition and display.
The Full version has all the Lite capabilities plus additional analysis and data processing features.

Key Benefits of the Lite and Full Versions

  • Completely integrated camera and spectrograph control for supported instruments.
  • "Join Curves" joins spectral with overlapping wavelength coverage into a single linearized spectrum for scanning spectrographs.
  • Spectral calibration using a polynomial least squares or spline interpolation fit for fixed-grating spectrographs, "1-point" KestrelCal for scanning spectrographs, or "2-point" KestrelCal for echelle-type spectrographs.
  • Real-time spectral peak finder determines the centroid and width.
  • "Renormalize X axis" accurately linearizes spectra for all types of spectrographs.
  • Supported cameras
  • Supported spectrographs

Additional Key Benefits of the Full Version

  • "KestrelTemp" automated temperature measurement from blackbody spectra.
  • "Element Identification" process to identify the elements contained in a sample spectrum. Ideal for LIBS (laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy).
  • KestrelScriptTM capabilty enables other Windows programs, like LabView® from National Instruments, to send commands to and receive data from KestrelSpec using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE).
  • Export curve data to SPC files for use by GRAMS spectroscopy software.