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Company Profile

Catalina Scientific is a software developer, dealer and manufacturer's representative for some of the highest performance CCD cameras used in scientific and industrial applications. Our products include an echelle-type spectrograph system that combines a CCD or CMOS camera, an innovative cross-dispersing echelle spectrograph and our KestrelSpecTM imaging spectroscopy software. We also supply imaging systems using high-resolution, cooled and uncooled CCD and CMOS cameras for applications in microscopy, biology, astronomy, machine vision and high-speed photography.

Echelle Spectrographs

Our echelle spectrographs produce high resolution over the entire UV-VIS-NIR spectral region in one image, without scanning. Unlike a standard scanning spectrograph, an echelle has no stepper motor and no moving parts. Just one camera image is required to cover a wide spectral range because the cross-dispersing optics allow the use of multiple orders, instead of just one order like a standard spectrograph.

We have two types of echelle spectrographs, the SE 200 and the EMU-120/65:

We have two types of echelle spectrographs, the SE 200 and the EMU-120/65

SE 200 Echelle Spectrograph

The SE 200 has been widely used in national labs, universities and private industry around the world since 2001. We continue to support our existing SE 200 customers, but we no longer sell new SE 200 systems.

EMU-120/65 Echelle Spectrograph

The high-throughput EMU (Echelle Multiplex Unit) was first developed as a prototype for a future Mars Rover mission for NASA. The F/3 or faster EMU-120/65 is designed for low-light applications using high resolution and low noise EMCCD and CMOS cameras. The light throughput of the EMU is an order of magnitude higher than any other echelle spectrograph using the same sized slit.

KestrelSpecTM Imaging Spectroscopy Software

Our KestrelSpecTM Imaging Spectroscopy software, first introduced for the Macintosh by Rhea Corporation, has been available for Windows® for over 20 years. The software originally supported imaging spectroscopy applications using CCD and CMOS cameras combined with commercially available fixed-grating and scanning spectrographs. Currently, the KestrelSpec software is distributed exclusively with our echelle spectrographs for both existing and new customers.


The SE and EMU echelle spectrographs are ideal for applications requiring broad UV/VIS/NIR wavelength coverage at high resolution, such as LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy). Our spectrographs have been instrumental in detecting CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives) substances using LIBS techniques. The EMU-120/65 VIS/NIR instrument, with its broad spectral range and fast throughput with high resolution, can be used with lasers at multiple wavelengths for both Raman spectroscopy and photoluminescence analysis. Forensic science and environmental studies are two more fields where our spectrographs have played a vital role. With its high throughput and high resolution over a broad wavelength, the EMU-120/65 is ideal for a compact, portable system for OES/AES (Optical/Atomic Emission Spectroscopy).

Imaging Products

Catalina Scientific has been a value added reseller for various CCD and CMOS camera manufacturers for 25 years. We supply imaging systems ranging from 16-bit dynamic range, cooled, slow-scan CCD cameras to 1K x 1K CMOS cameras that can provide 150 fps (>7,000 fps @ 128 x 128 ROI) with better than 8-bit dynamic range. We can supply non-intensified, gated intensified, CCD, EMCCD or CMOS cameras depending upon the application.