SE 200 Echelle Spectrograph

We continue to support all of our existing SE 200 customers, but we no longer sell new SE 200 systems. This page explains how an echelle compares to a standard spectrograph, and the advantages of an echelle spectrograph. For new echelle systems, please see the page for the EMU series of echelles.

The SE 200 is an echelle-type spectrograph that represents a different approach to spectrograph design for use with 2-dimensional CCD imaging arrays. Scanning a grating to cover a wide wavelength range is a thing of the past. The SE 200 achieves high spectral resolution over the entire wavelength range of the CCD with no moving parts.

Multiple orders of diffraction from the grating are separated by a cross-dispersing prism before they are imaged on the CCD. The CCD detector becomes an array of many thousands of pixels, which sample wavelengths in a range from about 190nm up to 1100nm in one image. Spectra are recorded with maximum accuracy even when the light source or the sample changes over time.

User-changeable optics called dispersion modules can match the spectrograph output to the format of the CCD. Different dispersion modules can also provide a variety of resolution and wavelength ranges for the same CCD. It is no longer necessary to purchase a new camera or spectrograph whenever resolution or wavelength requirements change. The user can simply change from one dispersion module to another in a matter of minutes.

SE 200 with a CCD Camera

SE 200 Image of Hg and Deuterium-Tungsten

Each SE 200 image takes full advantage of the wavelength coverage of the CCD detector. Each image can contain spectral data from about 190nm up to 1100nm in multiple orders because of the cross-dispersing prism in the spectrograph.

Our KestrelSpecTM Imaging Spectroscopy software uses Catalina Scientific's unique "2 point" KestrelCal calibration procedure to create a complete, linearized spectrum from each echelle image. The software can calibrate spectral curves in either wavelength or Raman cm-1 units.

View KestrelSpec SE 200 Spectral Curves

Key Benefits of the SE 200 Echelle Spectrograph

  • High Spectral Resolution
  • Large wavelength range (UV-VIS-NIR)
  • No Mechanical Scanning - get the entire spectrum in one exposure
  • User-interchangeable dispersion modules adapt to a range of CCD formats
  • Complete linearized spectra in wavelength or Raman cm-1 shift
  • Compact design

The SE 200 is designed and manufactured by Optomechanics Research Inc. and is protected by US patent 6,628,383. KestrelSpec Echelle Spectroscopy software, written by Catalina Scientific and Rhea Corporation, provides control and analysis for the CCD camera and the spectrograph. For existing SE 200 customers requiring a software update, please contact Catalina Scientific.