KestrelSpec Imaging Spectroscopy Software

The KestrelSpec software is designed for data acquisition and analysis using a scientific camera, a spectrograph and a computer running Microsoft Windows®. The software has versatile image acquisition, graphing and data analysis options to provide complete integrated control for supported spectrographs and selected CCD, CMOS, EMCCD and ICCD cameras.

The KestrelSpec program was originally designed for use with standard fixed-grating spectrographs and scanning spectrographs from several manufacturers. The first version of the software was written by Rhea Corportation for Macintosh computers running the Classic Mac Operating System. By the time Apple had upgraded their classic system software to Mac OS X, the KestrelSpec program had been ported to the Windows platform by Catalina Scientific. Our Windows software continued to support spectrographs from various manufacturers for many years along with scientific cameras from selected manufacturers.

Currently, KestrelSpec for Windows is distributed exclusively for use with the echelle spectrographs provided by Catalina Scientific. These supported spectrographs include the SE 200 for existing customers only, and the EMU-120/65 for both existing and new customers.

Key Benefits of KestrelSpec Software for Echelle Spectrographs

  • Completely integrated camera and spectrograph control for supported instruments.
  • Spectral calibration using "2-point" KestrelCal for the SE 200 echelle and "3-point" KestrelCal for the EMU-120/65 echelle spectrograph.
  • Real-time spectral peak finder determines the centroid, width, area and baseline.
  • The X axis is accurately linearized in wavelength or Raman units for all spectra acquired with the echelle spectrographs.
  • "KestrelTemp" automated temperature measurement from blackbody spectra.
  • "Element Identification" process to identify the elements contained in a sample spectrum. Ideal for LIBS (laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy).
  • Export spectral data to SPC files for use by GRAMS software or to TAB-delimited text files for use by MATLAB or any spreadsheet program.
  • KestrelScriptTM capabilty enables other Windows programs, like LabView® from National Instruments, to send commands to and receive data from KestrelSpec using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE).
  • For customers who prefer to write their own spectroscopy application, we provide a Software Development Kit with a Windows DLL (Dynamic Link Library) for both the SE 200 and EMU-120/65 echelle spectrographs. Our DLLs are written in standard C and they are callable from applications written in most Windows programming languages.